Mold Removal


Mold Removal

Mold Removal
Mold Remediation & Containment

Mold Removal services. Mold infestation in the building are usually due to poor indoor air quality. High humidity together with high CO2, nutrients & low temperature are root causes for mold infestation in enclosed environment.

Mold is frequently noticed in offices, home, hotel rooms, schools, hospitals, libraries and other public places. They usually start with spots, then odour is prominent and later you notice mold mites (very small insects crawling on walls)

Mold infested environment is harmful to stay in. You should avoid such areas especially if you are allergic to dust and spores, asthma, breathing difficulties, skin disorders. Some of the mold species produce harmful chemicals that may adversely create serious health issues to some individuals.


Consulting on Mold Infestation
Mold audit & Containment

Our Consultants have vast experiences in Mold inspection, Mold treatment and Mold Removal in Singapore. Our team with Microbiologist work to understand root cause of the growth and then advise you the best approach for treatment to remove mold.

Beyond mold treatment, it is very important to fix the root cause which is typically the indoor environment ventilation and air conditioning issues. Our consultant are air conditioning experts and they can advice you on the corrective measures to fix the ACMV if any.

Caution, mold removing with improper methods and harsh chemicals may either increase the risk of spreading in other areas or destroy the surfaces permanently.

Mold Treatment Methods
Avoid recurrence of mold growth

We provide services that adhere to internationally standards.
Our 5 proven steps.
1. Mold Inspection & Lab testing
2. Mold Containment & HEPA Filtration
3. Mold treatment with proven chemicals
4. Environment control with EMU (Environment Management Unit)
5. Post Remediation Inspection

Reach out to our consultants to ensure you eliminate the root causes while fixing mold issues using right chemicals.


Safety during Mold remediation

Our mold treatment specialist will ensure use of proper PPE. Use of HEPA Air Scrubbers to ensure the mold spores don’t spread to other areas. Use of chemicals suitable to the type of mold and surface it is infested.

Our service of Antimicrobial treatment post remediation works like protection on all surfaces and retards the growth of microbes including mold.

Note: Partition boards or ceiling boards are porous and if the mold has already been infested and the spores are rooted deep in the board then simply spraying chemicals and painting on top of it is a temporary fix. A simple wipe-down with regular chemicals might spread the spores and make it worse.

Reach out to our consultant for professional advice.

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