Indoor Hygiene Management Solution


Indoor Hygiene Management Solution

Indoor Hygiene Management Solution

We breath about 11,000 litres of air daily.

(like breathing 1L bottle of air every 8 seconds)

Imagine if the air is even slightly polluted, we are pumping contaminants in your lungs every 8 seconds, every day.

STOP breathing bad air !

Besides Covid Virus & bacteria, contaminants like VOC, formaldehyde, particulate matter (PM 2.5) play havoc in our body everyday.

Excessive CO2 also effects your overall health. We just don’t measure it.

What does IHMS Service include?

IHMS is a holistic solution to audit and fix the indoor air quality.
1. Audit Includes study of both Air and Surface. It details the risks and suggests mitigation solutions.
2. Suggest Corrective measures – Suggest corrective measures, design and implementation of systems solutions both for air & surfaces.
3. Implement Corrective measures. Provide resources, equipment including supply and installations of any retrofit systems to correct the indoor air quality. Such as ActiveAir+ air scrubbers, UVC systems, Antimicrobial protective coating at regular intervals.
4. Routine Testing – Third party testing of Air Quality and Surface hygiene tests.
Our consultants include Microbiologist, HVAC Engineers, FM housekeeping professionals to ensure we provide a holistic approach to your indoor hygiene issues.

Air quality management

Measure and Control
We provide solutions for measuring indoor air quality.
Hygiene Controller is a holistic Air quality monitoring and control unit. All in one package unit which suits all installation. Be it home, office, shop, factory, stores, hotel rooms, play school ….
We also supply and install ActiveAir Air Scrubbers which have HEPA filters and UVC light for continuous disinfection.
Reach out to our consultants to ensure you eliminate the root causes while fixing mold issues using right chemicals.

Air Quality Improvement solutions

HEPA Air Scrubber : Solutions for PM2.5 Correcting Air particulate matter, fog, road side carbon ingress, spores and allergens suspended in air … All require HEPA filtration.

HEPA CO2 Modulator: Solutions for high CO2 – High CO2 in offices, home, factory creates fatigue, increases lethargy and frequent headaches.

Carbon Filter Fans : Solution for VOC/ Formaldehyde chemical gases post renovation or new furniture odors are harmful for health.

Reach out to our consultant for a professional advice.