Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Consulting

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Consulting

IAQ Audit
Singapore COP SS554:2016

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) audits confirming to Singapore code of practice SS554:2016 by singlas accredited lab. We also provide root cause analysis and recommendations to mitigate any non-conformance.

Our team and consultants include expertise in HVAC, microbiology, and building automation to provide the client with a complete analysis. 

Poor indoor air quality is harmful to all occupiers and especially to sensitive individuals who have breathing difficulties or illnesses related to respiration.

Presence of harmful contaminants like PM2.5, carbon particulates, mold spores, volatile organic compounds (VOC), Formaldehyde (HCHO), and other chemical gases released from construction materials like paints, carpets, wood works often affect health of individuals due to long-term exposure.


Coverage of IAQ audits
10 parameters + Mold testing

SS554:2016 recommends IAQQ testing which includes 10 parameters testing. Besides these 10 parameters we have capabilities to provide additional services to carry out other tests like mold presence and its root cause. 

Our Consultants have vast experiences in IAQ audits, identifying root cause of any parameter which are out of range.

Our remediation specialist can help your team to mitigate the risks and also assist in providing guidance and services to remove these contaminants.


Root cause of analysis
Recommendations and mitigation plan

Our specialist team consists of experts from air conditioning design team, microbiologist, FM operations and IAQ testing lab specialist. The team overall experience and expertise helps our client to identify the root cause of any non conformance.

The team also helps our client to build a plan to mitigate any risks of contaminants found in the indoor environment. 

We have various solutions on improving the indoor air quality. Be it VOC, Formaldehyde, Humidity, Mold, PM2.5 or other contaminants we will provide solutions to mitigate the risk to occupiers.  

Reach out to our consultants to ensure you stay healthy.



Our team and specialists over past decade have carried out over 500 air quality audits. Be it a factory, hospital, school, office, hotels, home or simply logistics storage facility, we have carried out IAQ audits and have a fair knowledge to address the issues. 

Our team are supported by consultants across the region with expertise and experience in various domains. 

Reach out to our consultant for a professional advice.