How to Clean Mold?


How to Clean Mold?



Mold Cleaning should be carried out by professionals with proper PPE. However,  if you are cleaning mold at home like on window panes, curtains, bathrooms, doors etc. kindly follow some basic tips that are provided here.

1. Check if the mold has just started or it has been there for more than 4 weeks. If it is more than 4 weeks it is best to call a professional. If mold has penetrated into the material and if the surface material is damaged then call professional help.

2. Important aspect is WHY did the mold grow?  If you can’t find the answer then call our consultant to help you fix the root cause, else after you clean the mold will reoccur.

3. Check if booklice are on walls or nearby surfaces, if yes consider the mold is growing and living.

4. If you see mold just on Glass or hard smooth surface then cleaning using ActiveShield+ / mold wipes or chemicals like chlorine in various forms available in stores is effective.

5. If the mold has penetrated in the porous surface like a partition board or ceiling board then a professional treatment is required and it is best to call our consultant to advise you on the next steps.


PPE to be donned during mold treatment are Gloves, Mask, Eye protection, and Tyvek suit. In addition ActiveAir Scrubber which had HEPA + UVC is suitable to capture air borne mold spores  



Remember professional mold removal process is a science and involves minimum 5 Steps 

1. Audit – Test and Identify the root cause

2. Containment / Protection – Contain the areas while carrying out the treatment.

3. Treatment – Minimum 3 Process treatments for permanent solutions

4. Protection Coating – ActiveShield+  Antimicrobial Coating post-treatment.

5. Post-treatment test to ensure viable mold spores are eliminated from the space.


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